The idea of creating a Clinic which would be accessible and open to patients’ needs, arose from the passion of its founder, doctor Agnieszka Nowosielska. Ophthalmology is not only her profession, but also the main area of her interest and the field of professional pursuits. The guiding principle of our daily work is to help our patients and give them an opportunity to use such an important sense as sight as comfortably as possible.

Our Clinic is an original project, a place created for patients to address their needs. It is our response to the operating conditions of the Polish Health Service, which is managed by officials instead of doctors and thus lacks human factor, care and concern, as the procedures proposed by the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) do not always correspond to patients’ needs. We aim at replacing the soulless bureaucracy with a woman’s view on patients with their problems and needs. We put patients at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing our patients with necessary assistance in optimal time, using methods tailored to their needs, without making them wait or incur high costs.

We offer medical assistance in the field of eye microsurgery, eyelid plastic surgery, ophthalmology, paediatric ophthalmology and optometry. We have created a place that welcomes patients at every stage of our activity. From the first visit to the Clinic, the priority is given to our patients. We respect their time and we treat them as partners, providing them not only with the highest quality medical care but also with the attention they need. Patients are informed about all the possible methods of treatment and are given an opportunity to choose the best option in consultation with their leading doctor. During the first visit to the Clinic, patients are informed about the diagnosis and then they actively participate in developing their treatment plan. An overall cost of the treatment is calculated in advance so that patients are able to plan the expenses together with their family members. The overall costs of a comprehensive treatment are always determined individually because there are no two identical cases.

The effectiveness of the methods and medical procedures used in the Clinic is supported by clinical trials and the experience of vitreoretinal surgeons from around the world. The members of our team continue to raise their qualifications by participating in numerous courses, mostly held abroad. That is why we can offer the most recent and proven methods of treatment and surgical procedures. Thanks to many contacts in the medical community, we are able to consult every clinical case with the best specialists from around the world at any moment. We also invest in new technologies and conduct clinical trials of new medicines and medical procedures. We commit to resolve every, even the most complicated problem. If the methods that can lead to complete recovery are used in some place in the world, our patients will have access to them.