Standard eye examination – glasses prescription 100 pln
Expanded eye examination 250 pln
Contact lens fitting 200 pln

Eye Exams

Standard eye exam 150 pln
Retinal examination (fundus of the eye) 160 pln
Follow up consultation (within 14 days from the last consultation) 100 pln
Colour fundus photography 50 pln
Eye pressure examination 20 pln
Examination for dry eye syndrome (examination and tests) 250 pln
GDX (both eyes/one eye) 180/100 pln
OCT (both eyes/one eye) 180/100 pln
Consultation and OCT 250 pln
Fluorescein angiography 240 pln
Histopathological examination 100 pln
Computerized visual field testing (both eyes/one eye) 80/40 pln
Diurnal tension curves (6 measurements per day) 120 pln
HRT (both eyes/one eye) 180/100 pln
Ultrasound examination 100 pln
UBM examination 140 pln
Swab from conjunctival sac 40 pln
Examination for Demodex infestation 90 pln
Foreign body removal and eye exam 180 pln

Eye Surgery

Retinal laser treatment
Photocoagulation of the retinal periphery 300 pln
Pan-Retinal Photocoagulation (PRP) 300 pln
Micro Pulse Laser Therapy 400 pln
Laser treatment for glaucoma
SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) 250 pln
Laser iridotomy 250 pln
Other laser treatment
Capsulotomy 250 pln
Intraocular injections
Anti-VEGF 800 pln
Eylea 1900 pln
Lucentis 2000 pln
Triamcinolone 800 pln
Ozurdex 4900 pln
Minor surgical procedures
Pterygium removal 700 pln
Cyst surgery 400 pln
Chalazion surgery 400 pln
Chalazion injection 150 pln
Wart, atheroma 300 pln
Xanthelasma surgery 300-1000 pln
Blepharoplasty (ectropion, entropion) 900-2000 pln
Tear ducts plugs 550 pln
Tear ducts plugs PARASOL type 500 pln
Tear ducts irrigation 60 pln
Assessment before the cataract surgery (eye examination, OCT, USG, IOL calculation, corneal topography) 300 pln
Cataract surgery with monofocal IOL 2700 pln
Price depends on IOL type 2700-6000 pln
Complicated cataract
Cataract removal 3300 pln
Cataract removal with IOL implantation +500 pln
with Anterior vitrectomy +700 pln
with Artisan lens insertion +1200 pln
Subluxated cataract removal with scleral fixation of intraocular lens from 3800 pln
Scharioth lens implantation
Scharioth lens implantation 4200 pln
Treatment for glaucoma
Trabulectomy 3500 pln
ECP 3500 pln
Scleral sealing
Scleral sealing 4000-5000 pln
Retinal cryoapplication
Retinal cryoapplication 2500 pln
Assessment before vitrectomy surgery (eye examination, OCT, USG, IOL calculation) 300 pln
Basic procedure 5500 pln
with Decalin +300 pln
with silicon oil +300 pln
using endolaser +500 pln
Dye +500 pln
Phaco-vitrectomy basic procedure 7000 pln
Cliradex – demodex treatment 190 pln


*Prices of the procedures may vary depending on the individual medical circumstances of every patient.