Amenities for patients:

  • Helpline

    After the surgery, our patients have access to a special telephone helpline. If they have any questions or concerns, they can contact the Clinic helpline for medical advice and specialist medical assistance, if needed.

  • Packages and discounts for our patients

    Our Clinic specialises in the treatment for retinal diseases and eye microsurgeries. In many cases, a long-term treatment or a treatment until the end of the patient’s life may be needed. This kind of treatment may involve high costs. In order to meet patients’ needs and make the best medical care accessible to them, we have introduced special packages. There are several treatments unavailable in the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) along with others, which entail a long waiting time. We offer them at affordable prices. Our regular patients are offered glaucoma surgery, vitrectomy, injections, as well as other treatments and procedures at a relatively low price. When performing an intravitreal injection, more expensive or cheaper medicines can be used. Similarly, when carrying out a glaucoma surgery, different types of lenses may be chosen, depending on their price. Therefore, it is the patient who decides about the overall cost of the treatment. In our Clinic, good price is to guarantee that the procedure is carried out successfully. As we comply with the best practices, we would subject ourselves to the same procedures without any doubt.

  • Instalments

    Costs of cataract treatment, vitrectomy or glaucoma surgery may exceed one-time financial capabilities of some patients. That is why we offer a convenient instalments system to meet their needs.

  • Relaxation area

    We provide our patients with a relaxation area, where they can rest after the surgery under the care of qualified medical staff.

  • Refreshments

    After the surgery, some patients may feel weakened, especially if they suffer from other medical conditions, such as diabetes. In order to speed up the recovery process, we offer some refreshments.  

  • Transport – Door to Door Service

    In order to increase the comfort of our patients and in the interest of providing them with the best quality service, we can transfer patients to the Clinic directly from their houses and back, once the surgery is completed. This offer is targeted at patients who cannot be helped by a family member or a friend on a given day.

  • Travel and accommodation – Packages for visiting patients

    The services provided by our clinic are used by patients from Poland and abroad. To address the needs of all of them, we offer packages that include accommodation in the same building in which the surgery is performed. A comfortable apartment situated on the upper floor of the Clinic is available for patients. Persons accompanying our patients can also take advantage of the offer free of charge. What is more, we offer a comfortable transfer from, for example, a train station or an airport, if needed. A detailed offer of transfer and accommodation shall be prepared in accordance with patients’ individual needs.

  • Parking area

    Convenient surface and underground parking areas are available (also on a 24-hours basis for visiting patients).

  • Consultations with physicians specialising in different fields

    We are aware that many of our patients suffer from conditions other than eye diseases. Our patients often suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes. For this reason, we collaborate with a number of renowned and experienced specialists from different fields. We provide our patients with additional consultations with experienced physicians, such as cardiologists, diabetologists or neurologists, if needed. Their opinions are often vital when choosing an adequate treatment and assessing the risk related to the surgery.

  • Lectures and educational meetings

    We want our patients to be aware that they can participate in the treatment process actively. That is why we organise lectures and meetings with specialists in order to discuss eye diseases, prevention and the latest methods of treatment.

  • Amenities for visually impaired patients

    Since we are aware that many of our patients have problems with visual acuity, all the information leaflets, the labels and even the website are designed to be easily read.

  • Children-friendly corner

    Paediatric Ophthalmology constitutes an important part of our professional activity. We like children and we know how important it is for them to be cared by a doctor with a good approach to children. We want our little patients to feel comfortable in our Clinic, so we have created a children-friendly space. We collaborate with the best children ophthalmologists. We also use the appropriate equipment. In order to make the waiting time more pleasant, we have prepared toys and books for the youngest patients. In the Clinic, there is also a baby changing table.

  • Patients’ opinions

    We attach great importance to our patients’ opini We pay attention to how our services are assessed, we ask if there is anything to improve and we try to implement all the solutions suggested by our patients.